As a volunteer search-and-rescue pilot for the Civil Air Patrol, Robert Clarfield would scan the landscape below looking for lost or endangered people who ran into trouble getting back home. These days, he uses those same skills and interests to help people discover their new dream home in this far-flung state.

Flying is one of the many passions for Clarfield, a Realtor for the AART of Real Estate in Scottsdale who also is into martial arts, competitive body-building and real estate. Having the ability to scan Arizona with an eagle’s perspective is a huge advantage for home searchers – particularly those not as familiar with the areas. With all the migration into the Grand Canyon State from the West Coast and elsewhere, that’s an incredible plus.

“Let’s say someone from California or New York is not sure exactly where in Arizona they want to end up,” Clarfield said. “Perhaps they want a second home in Sedona or out in Prescott. I’ll be able to fly them around and let the see the areas, get used to the landscape and figure out where they want to live or relax.”

When it comes to Arizona’s cooler, piney communities, one of Clarfield’s passions these days is the Payson area. At about an hour and a half driving – and less than an hour by air – Payson is perhaps the closest and easiest to reach mountain towns from the Valley. And it’s not as pricey as Prescott or Flagstaff.

Nestled just under the Mogollon Rim, Payson is a short hop to mountain lakes, the Tonto Natural Bridge, and scores of hiking trails, Payson is an outdoor playground for those who like Nature, cooler temperatures, cabin retreats, or small town comfort.

But to find – and then acquire – the perfect home or retreat in this tree-lined paradise requires not only knowing where and how to look but an understanding of the details of the acquisition and the deal.

As a former tech project manager, Clarfield understands the importance of flow and process, getting things done in the right order and what needs to be ready next, and then next. He’s a huge fan of making sure buyers and sellers know every piece of information that might be important to the deal, and soon, and often.

For people looking for a place in or around Payson, including the Rim Country, Star Valley, Pine, Strawberry and points around there, Clarfield wants to employ his passions, experience, knowledge, and interests to help them fulfill their woodsy dream. That could be those already in Payson or looking to move or retire there – of discover that cool mountain retreat from the urban hustle and heat. And as a Realtor who markets Payson extensively to urban buyers, he has an advantage for sellers as well.

He’ll soon be joined by his wife, and double the resources and energy to help people do so.

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