Being a pilot has been a competitive advantage, especially within the saturated real estate market, according to a Scottsdale, Arizona, broker.

After more than a decade of selling homes, pilot Robert Clarfield understands how knowing about aviation and how it relates to the property he is selling can serve him well.

“I think that being a pilot helps. That’s because, here is the thing—with an airport, you know whether this hangar is going to fit a twin. If this 3,500-foot runway will fit a jet, or you need 5,500 feet of runway,” said Clarfield, who works as a real estate broker in Scottsdale, Arizona.

“I’m getting asked questions like, ‘What is the pattern altitude? Is there a noise abatement requirement?’ There’s a lot of things that I’m noticing that I know as a pilot, or find the answers a lot easier because I am.”

Combining real estate with his longtime interest in aviation has been extremely rewarding, according to Clarfield, known as “Rob the Flying Realtor.” He has been a licensed real estate agent for 15 years but transitioned to selling homes full time a few years ago and works for the Arrt of Real Estate group.

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